Agility: the New Must-Have Work Competency

Leaders Agile Change

As the speed and impact of technology continues to advance, agility is the new must-have competency that many employers are asking of their employees and screening for during the interview process. Agility has become as important as the those “bread and butter” competencies of personal initiative, concern for effectiveness, enthusiasm for work, and excellent communication skills. Many people assume agility is the same as flexibility, but I believe agility demands a higher performance level that leaves the typical definition of flexibility in the dust.

As a work competency, flexibility refers to the willingness and ability of employees to respond to changes in their job expectations and work environment. Flexibility is certainly valued by employers, who understand that human nature typically resists change and prefers predictability. I propose that agility is a proactive competency and defines how employees approach and carry out their work. Since agile employees expect change, they proactively develop ways to organize and adapt to deliver transformational results. Great leaders coach change management and help their teams grow their agility quotient, so they can continue to innovate in a volatile and complex business environment.

HE21118Davis_07-medAbout the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach, leadership expert, and consultant with an extensive background in business development.  She coaches individuals as well as designs and facilitates specific workshops that address her clients’ business needs.  Reach out to her at or 281.793.3741 to further the conversation and determine how she can help you grow your business.

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