I am a Vision & Results Coach, who has a passion in helping people become better versions of themselves and reach their dream goals.  At 55 years old, the journey to this point in my life has evolved from a series of unanticipated decisions.  Although my path was the road less traveled, I finally arrived at my destination–life coaching.

Having grown up in a lower-income household, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to college through grants, academic scholarships, and student loans. Because I loved math and chemistry and knew an engineering position would allow me to pay off my college debt, I decided to pursue a B.S. in Chemical Engineering,   Although I excelled at engineering, I found a greater passion in marketing and building businesses.  Therefore, I returned to graduate school part-time to work towards a MBA.  With my graduate degree in hand, my chemical industry career took me through various functional positions up the corporate ladder, until I found myself in corporate development.

As I carried out my duties in new business development, I felt a calling on my life to help others be better leaders.  People were always seeking me out for mentorship, advice, and coaching.  Therefore, my next decision was to pursue my second masters part-time, taking courses to graduate with a M.A. in Human Services Counseling, Life Coaching.  When the bottom fell out of the oil industry in late 2015 and my company decided to closed down its corporate development department, I viewed this as a sign to continue with my studies full-time.  One door closed, and with the support of my husband, I became a full-time student again after 30 years.  Having graduated in March 2017, I decided to launch my own coaching and consulting business.  Developing a business from scratch is hard work, yet I welcome the challenge, because my greatest fulfillment comes from helping others help themselves.