The CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer), Sandra Dillon, is an entrepreneurial leader and business builder who has a passion to help others succeed. With a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, MBA, and a Master in Human Services Counseling (Life Coaching), she also draws on her 35 years of experience in manufacturing, technical service, product management, marketing, general management, and new business development to help others set visions, define goals, achieve impact, and celebrate their successes. Learn more about her at Sandra Dillon LinkedIn.

Sandra also has a heart for service, ministry, and developmental mission. When she is not coaching clients on leadership and conducting workshops, she is mentoring premarital and married couples in communication and conflict resolution. As a certified coach in Prepare & Enrich, SYMBIS, and Marriage On The Rock, she helps couples grow in their relationship understanding and skills. Sandra is also a Certified Master Financial Coach, who enjoys helping people take control of their money and put it to work in achieving their life dreams.




Shine Crossings is a consulting, coaching, and mentoring organization that partners with people to increase their leadership for transformational performance.


  • Leadership is the ability to influence people and outcomes
  • Everyone is a leader and can expand his or her influence
  • Leadership improvement can be measured by achieved results and impact

Leadership Areas

  • Business/Sales
  • Job/Position
  • Career Development
  • Marriage/Premarital
  • Finances/Financial Stewardship
  • Life Purpose/Plan
  • Ministry
  • Mission Development

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