Shine Spotlight on Inner Vision: Breaking Art Out of Prison

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Inner Vision with Marcus Hill



Why Inner Vision?

Do you have a passion for art, a heart for prison ministry, or a desire to develop community through the power of art? Marcus Hill is looking for like-minded business co-partners and promoters, who share his vision to give talented prison or post-released artists a constructive outlet for their passionate art creations in the free world.

The bigger mission is to provide resources and services to incarcerated people, giving them a path to successful re-integration into society. The first step in this multi-faceted mission is to launch an electronic portfolio of artists’ creations as a means of marketing their talent. High quality art reproductions will be offered in a broad range of formats such as posters, canvas, prints, T-shirts, mouse pads, and coffee mugs.

What is Inner Vision?

Think of Inner Vision as a social enterprise which connects the artist with the art lover. By creating a business outlet for current and formerly incarcerated artists, they can earn a living, pay income taxes, take care of their families, and choose to stay away from crime in order to survive. Income security is a critical factor to ensure the formerly incarcerated connect with their families and integrate into community. Inner Vision also requires a portion of the sales be donated to a charity of the artist’s choice, so they too can learn the joy and power of giving back.


Inner Vision serves as the operational bridge connecting artists with art lovers. The business (1) solicits the art, (2) markets it, (3) sells it, (4) applies art to various formats, and (5) distributes the funds as per the contractual obligations. Taking a fair fee to cover operational costs and profit, Inner Vision gives hope to art that would not normally be shared in the world.  Marcus also has a larger vision to serve others under the Inner Vision business umbrella, and this is his first step.

What Does Inner Vision Need?

Marcus has the vision, prison relationships, and business plan. He’s looking for a partner who can help provide organizational structure, software knowledge/ expertise, website development, and a shared passion for the vision. The intent is to scale this on a part-time basis. Marcus has connections willing to provide loans for defined start-up capital.

In Marcus’s own words: “I’m looking to connect with talented people and organizations who are willing to step out and join me in this mission to create positive change through the medium of art.”

If this vision or business concept tugs at your heart, sounds intriguing, or you’re willing to lend your skill set, I encourage you to have a conversation with Marcus. Perhaps you want to know more, so you can spread the word on social media or purchase an art piece when the business launches. Social enterprises, those businesses dedicated to making reasonable profits while maximizing social impact, are gaining in popularity, and you can be part of making the world a better place in some small way. Reach out to Marcus for a conversation at or 713.818.4413.

Art provided by Pete Salazar, Stephen Armstrong, and Charles Hahn

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