Shine Crossings offers several resources to help people better understand themselves and their relationship dynamics to achieve greater satisfaction and success.

  • Myers-Briggs Type Test (MBTI)
  • DISC Personality Profile

Myers-Briggs Type Test

myers briggs table

Do you ever wonder how your personality preferences show up in your career choices, work styles, and relationships? The Myers-Briggs Assessment can help explain why and how you naturally want to interact with people and organize your world as well as your preference for taking in information and making decisions.

People have natural type tendencies; however, cultural norms and external forces can influence the behaviors and choices they make on a daily basis to be successful and achieve harmony within relationships and teams. When you have a greater understanding of personality types and your own personal preferences you can:

  • Improve communication and teamwork as you gain awareness of the personality differences you see in others
  • Work more effectively with those who may approach problems and decisions very differently than you
  • Navigate your work and personal relationships with more insight and effectiveness
  • Understand your preference for learning and work cultures and the activities and work you most enjoy
  • More successfully manage every day conflicts and stresses that work and life can bring

Various report details and formats are available depending on how the information will be used. A 1-hour coaching session is required to unpack the report, so you can understand your personalized results. Myers-Briggs has been effectively used as a team-building tool to help its members better understand each other and deliver greater performance by finding ways of working more cohesively and effectively.

DISC Personality Profile

DISCHow do your managers, direct reports, and colleagues describe your style? Do you drive for results? Pay attention to the details? Inspire others to get the work done? Our personality influences how we show up in the world and interact with others at all levels of the organization. Leadership starts with understanding yourself first, others second, and then how two personality types naturally come together or conflict.

The DISC Personality Assessment allows you greater understanding of personality types and how they impact your team interactions and performance. Harness the power of DISC to lead yourself and your teams to higher levels of performance. Learn more by viewing this short video and then order your DISC Personality Profile.

The reports are designed to be self-explanatory. However, if you schedule a 1-hour coaching session to unpack the content, you can leave with a specific plan to utilize your insights for greater impact. If you are a manager or team lead, consider ordering assessments for your team, so members can have greater appreciation of the group dynamics influencing their working relationships and ability to drive for results.