Young Adult Workshop Series: July 21, 2017

Late teens and adults in their early twenties are moving through a life transition from being dependent on their parents to independence with all the expectations of adulthood.  Although these seven workshops are ideally designed to be taken sequentially for maximum impact, each workshop stands on its own merit.  The workshops cover a range of important and life-enhancing topics that every person needs to know.  These 3-4 hours workshop are one of the best investments of time and money.

Young Adult Workshops

Global Leadership Summit 2017: July 12, 2017

Marketed as two-days of world-class leadership training, Global Leadership Summit (GLS) will launch on August 10-11, 2017, and will be streamed live to selected satellite venues across the United States.  For over the 20 years, GLS has engaged global leaders who have delivered content that has past Summit attendees claim:

  • Improved teamwork, job satisfaction, and productivity (83%)
  • More effectiveness because of a clearer vision (61%)
  • Greater sense of significance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives (87%)
  • Increased leadership in concrete ways (81%)

Bill Hybel Leadership Quote

For those who are interested in learning more about GLS, you can read my summary of Bill Hybels leadership kick off from 2016: The Lenses of Leadership

If you want two days of the most cost-effective leadership training available, sign up today!


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