Workshops on the Canfield Success Principles: July 2, 2020

Shine Crossings now offers half-, one-, and multi-day workshops on the Jack Canfield Success Principles. Help your team achieve more by learning and practicing one or more of the success principles. Does your team need to take more responsibility, be clear on why they are here, release the brakes, take action, or reject rejection? There over 50 principles that will bring individuals, teams, and businesses more success than ever before. Learn more and design your own workshop to fit your needs. Reach out to or 281.793.3741.

Jack Canfield Certified - Web



Life Coach Path Interviews Coach Sandra Dillon: January 9, 2020

Brandon Baker of Life Coach Path interviewed Coach Sandra Dillon as part of a coach interview series. Each coach has a different perspective on coaching and its impact on those who are coached. Learn more of what coaching can do for you. Interview with Coach Sandra


“Ask Your Coach” Subscription Coaching Launched: May 8, 2019

Sandra The Peoples Coach Rev 1Shine Crossings now offers a new “email” and “small call” service that gives you access to a coach when you need it. Perfect for when you want a different perspective, bounce some ideas off of a professional, brainstorm options, and come up with your next step.

Do you have an issue that needs attention in one or more of these areas: (1) managing teams, direct reports, and your boss, (2) job and career, (3) leadership, (4) financial decisions, (5) sales, (6) marriage and relationships, and (7) business strategy. You can get these services by enrolling in the “Ask Your Coach” monthly subscription, which gives you up to 60 minutes of email and call time. Think 15 to 30-minute calls a couple times a month.

The introductory price for this new service is $89/month. Have a coach at your fingertips. The outcome of one coaching conversation can impact the success of your next step. If you’d like to learn more, check out the Ask Your Coach FAQs.

Any questions or to sign up, reach out to or 281.793.3741.

Myers-Brigg Personality Preference Type Test: November 14, 2018


The Myers-Briggs Personality Preference Type Test is now available to help with career choices, work styles, and relationship building. The Myers-Briggs assessment can help explain why and how you naturally interact with people and organize your world as well as how you take in information and make decisions. With greater self-awareness and understanding of personal preferences you can:

  • Improve communication and teamwork as you gain awareness of the personality differences you see in others
  • Work more effectively with those who may approach problems and decisions very differently than you
  • Navigate your work and personal relationships with more insight and effectiveness
  • Understand your preference for learning and work cultures and the activities and work you most enjoy
  • More successfully manage every day conflicts and stresses that work and life can bring

Myers-Briggs is perfect for (1) individuals looking to select a career or new job, (2) dating or married couples wanting to develop successful relationship strategies, and (3) small and large businesses driving for improved employee/ team communications and effectiveness.

Reach out to receive an online link, take a 30-minute survey, and receive a coaching session to unpack your detailed report and understand how your personality preferences naturally influence your life and how you impact your world.

DISC Personality Profile Now Available: August 20, 2018


The DISC Personality Profile assessment is now available for use as a career planning and leadership tool. Learn more about DISC from this short video and then order your DISC assessment to gain greater insights in how your personality shows up in the world and your relationships.

Although the reports are self-explanatory, many clients schedule a 1-hour coaching session to unpack the content and develop a forward path to put their results to work.

Global Leadership Summit (GLS): March 7, 2018

GLS-2018-webcardSince leaders have influence and everyone is a leader, by definition everyone has influence. How are you stewarding yours? Are you ready to achieve greater influence over yourself and your team? Come join Willow Creek’s faculty for a 2-day event that will inspire you. The speakers will share research, perspective, tools, and stories from the field to shape your next leadership steps. Learn more about the GLS Guest Faculty for August 2018.

Young Adult Workshop Series: July 21, 2017

Late teens and adults in their early twenties are moving through a life transition from being dependent on their parents to independence with all the expectations of adulthood. Although these seven workshops are ideally designed to be taken sequentially for maximum impact, each workshop stands on its own merit.  The workshops cover a range of important and life-enhancing topics that every person needs to know.  These 3-4 hours workshop are one of the best investments of time and money.

Young Adult Workshops

Global Leadership Summit 2017: July 12, 2017

Marketed as two-days of world-class leadership training, Global Leadership Summit (GLS) will launch on August 10-11, 2017, and will be streamed live to selected satellite venues across the United States.  For over the 20 years, GLS has engaged global leaders who have delivered content that has past Summit attendees claim:

  • Improved teamwork, job satisfaction, and productivity (83%)
  • More effectiveness because of a clearer vision (61%)
  • Greater sense of significance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives (87%)
  • Increased leadership in concrete ways (81%)

Bill Hybel Leadership Quote

For those who are interested in learning more about GLS, you can read my summary of Bill Hybels leadership kick-off from 2016: The Lenses of Leadership

If you want two days of the most cost-effective leadership training available, sign up today!


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