3 Things Leaders Should Do More of During a Crisis

antenna-cw-cj_nFa14-unsplashCommunicate, communicate, and communicate. Best practice communication tactics leave people feeling better as opposed to worse. COVID-19 has the general population fear levels at all-time highs: fear of getting the virus, losing a job, plummeting 401Ks, and not being allowed to visit loved ones who are dying or sick. Leaders, who focus on empathetic listening, truth-telling, and more frequent communication during times of crisis, will win over the hearts and minds of the people they lead.

Empathetic Listening

Crisis creates fear which clouds our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. Fear makes people feel like they’re alone. The best leaders step up their empathetic listening towards those who are fearful. They don’t rationalize or try to convince them that it’s not that bad or that they’ll land on their feet after the crisis passes. They focus on just listening and validating what the person is feeling and experiencing in the moment.

Truth Telling

What’s worse than dealing with the fears of the known created by a crisis? It’s fear of the unknown. Even if the news isn’t favorable, people would rather deal with the truth of bad news versus not having the information. Leaders respect and honor people by being truthful even if the news isn’t pleasant to deliver or receive.

Communication Frequency

The best leaders make it a priority to overly communicate to their teams. When people are feeling overwhelmed and unsure, communication helps to ease their anxiety, even if the message is “no new news.” That extra time that leaders take to check-in with their teams, even if to share nothing new, boosts feelings of care and connection.


About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach with an extensive background in leadership and business consulting. She administers DISC® and Myers-Briggs/MBTI® testing, designs and facilitates workshops, and coaches both individuals and teams. She has a passion to help people be the best versions of themselves. You can learn more about Sandra or engage her as your coach by reaching out to coach.sandra.dillon@gmail.com or visiting her website at www.shinecrossings.com

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