Global Leadership Summit 2018: Leadership Vision

Four years ago, I heard TD Jakes speak for the first time. He said, “If you can dream it and achieve it, it’s not God’s dream, because God doesn’t dream that small.” Regardless of faith, the take-away message for leaders is the dare to dream, dream big, and create a compelling vision to inspire and unite. TD Jakes and Strive Masiyiwa shared their thoughts on leadership vision during an interview at Global Leadership Summit 2018.


  • Creating a vision should be frustrating and bring out the best in you.
  • Believe in vision beyond provision.
  • Dream so it scares you. When you are petrified you are electrified.
  • What stimulates growth is losing. Failing time is learning time.
  • Learn to fly by falling—think of eagle chicks kicked out of the nest by their parent.
  • Become a learner and respecter of world cultures.
  • Forever be the student and not the teacher in your circle of influence.
  • You can have a great idea but in the wrong place.
  • Everything takes longer to accomplish than you initially think.

In my opinion, when leaders create a “bring out the best” vision, it typically requires people with different cultural backgrounds to come together to achieve it. Not just sensitivity, but a true appreciation for the value of cultural differences will make the difference in how well the vision can be achieved.

About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach with an extensive background in leadership and business coaching. She works with individuals and businesses as well as designs and facilitates workshops to empower people. She has a passion to help people be the best versions of themselves. You can learn more about Sandra or engage her as your coach by reaching out to her at or by visiting her website at

One thought on “Global Leadership Summit 2018: Leadership Vision

  1. I’ll never forget the analogy of eagle chicks kicked out of the nest and learning to fly out of necessity. As they flap their wings with small strokes, they continue to fall and fail at flying. As they learn to extend their wings and flap wider, they lift and begin to soar. Failing is learning for sure.


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