5 Words to Eliminate from Your Sales Conversations

words out of mouth

Communication is a powerful tool used in selling and developing business. Studies show that communication is composed of body language (55%), tone of voice (38%), and words (7%). However, the contribution of your chosen words to the meaning of your message shouldn’t be underestimated.

Watch out for These Words or Expressions

There are several words or phrases sales people should be sensitive to, because they subtly diminish the impression left customers. When you reflect on your past conversations do you find yourself using any of the following?

  • No problem: These two words have become today’s standard response for a “thank you.” Does “no problem” presume the customer’s request would be a problem, and the seller was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t? Better to express a simple “you’re welcome” or an affirming statement such as “my pleasure” [the standard at a Chick-Fil-A near you].
  • Small: Many organizations label and promote themselves as a “small” business. Don’t minimize your business in your customers’ minds. Better to use more neutral, and even better, more positive language. Substitute “small” with “growing” or “intimate.”
  • We: Avoid “we” as much as you can when pitching your services or products. If you want to establish brand recognition, say and write the company’s name. Notice the difference when you speak, “Shine Crossings is offering first time clients 50% off their first coaching session,” as opposed to “We are offering first time clients 50% off their first coaching session.”
  • Just and Only: Sometimes sellers use these qualifiers to imply a bargain price: “This product is only $20.” These words make you sound less confident in what you’re asking for, which can then make a customer wonder how low you will go.  Try removing the qualifier by saying “This product is $20,” and then promote its benefits. Do you notice the subtle change in confidence conveyed about the product’s value?

Words are powerful, so be mindful of which ones you choose in order to reap the rewards of greater sales success.

About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach with an extensive background in leadership and life coaching.  She coaches individuals and couples as well as designs and facilitates workshops.  She has a passion to help people be the best versions of themselves.  You can learn more about Sandra or engage her as your coach by visiting her website at www.shinecrossings.com

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