Leadership: How to Build High-Performing Teams

Performing TeamsMarcus Buckingham has studied team performance and concluded that the extent to which team members agree with the following eight statements will predict the degree to which any team will be high-performing.  These statements relate to how members feel about their personal participation and interaction with the team.  The only valid answers are those expressed by each member regarding his or her own experience.

  1. I am really enthusiastic about the mission of my company.
  2. In my team, I am surrounded by people who share my values.
  3. My teammates have my back.
  4. I have great confidence in my company’s future.
  5. At work, I clearly understand what is expected of me.
  6. I have a chance to use my strengths every day at work.
  7. I know I will be recognized for excellent work.
  8. In my work, I am always challenged to grow.

In my view, this field research should cause every leader to pause and ask of themselves several questions:

  1. Do I as a leader have a well-designed mission? Am I clearly and consistently communicating that mission to my team?
  2. Am I leading with a core set of values? Am I hiring and adding to the team those who inherently share these same values?
  3. Do I develop and sustain a culture that fosters winning as a team, while at the same time recognizing and rewarding individual contribution?
  4. Do I clearly define the objectives and expectations for my team?
  5. Am I aware of my team members’ strengths and weaknesses? Do I purposefully empower them to drive on their strengths and provide opportunities to challenge them?

High performing teams can be designed when you understand the key parameters involved in constructing a winning team.  You no longer need to cross your fingers and rely on luck.  If you would like help determining what and how to strengthen any team dynamic, reach out for a conversation.

About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach and consultant with an extensive background in leadership and business development.  She coaches individuals as well as designs and facilitates workshops.  She has a passion to help organizations engage all their employees.  You can learn more about Sandra by visiting her website at www.shinecrossings.com.

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