Why Employees Should Have Access to a Professional Coach!

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Many organizations struggle with how to integrate, align, and achieve the full potential from their employees. For many employers, this struggle has intensified with multiple generational cohorts (Baby Boomers, Gen-Xer’s, and Millennials) in the workforce, who have different identities, motivations, and preferences in how to work, lead, and be led. The challenge is how can the contributions of all employees and leaders be acknowledged, appreciated, and rewarded.

Education around generational differences helps to create respect and harmony which ultimately builds a solid foundation for organizational success. Leadership development and coaching then help employees become more sensitive to workplace diversity while promoting deeper and more productive engagement. These intentional initiatives result in higher levels of performance.

As the Millennial workforce population continues to increase, the influence of their general expectations continues to be felt by employers and managers. As a generational identity, Millennials typically value leaders who listen, push them to achieve more, take the time to develop a professional relationship, and provide feedback. In contrast, over the past two decades, technology developments and pushes for productivity have forced managers to take on more administrative activities at the expense of mentoring and coaching their direct reports.

A professional coach can help his/her organization leverage cohort diversity. Leadership is not a position but a way of being and behaving, and a coach can help managers, teams and individuals become aware of the generational dynamics and how to leverage these differences. Development and leadership coaching should not be for select senior leaders but a resource available to all professional employees.  When an employee improves, the company wins. When employees are coached, they typically feel better about their working environment, become more engaged in supporting the team, and have a higher probability of achieving their goals. A professional coach delivers an investment grade ROI by partnering with organizations to develop a workforce that delivers higher levels of performance.


About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach, leadership expert, and consultant with an extensive background in business development.  She coaches individuals as well as designs and facilitates specific workshops that address her clients’ business needs.  Reach out to her at sandra.s.dillon@hotmail.com or 281.793.3741 to further the conversation and determine how she can help you grow your business.

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